Site Hacked Emergency Services

If you’re facing a “site hacked” situation and your website is mission critical we recommend you call our emergency hotline now for our quick response hack repair.  1-855-238-2454

You may not be certain that you have a hacked website.  If it appears to be working but strange issues are raising the question – “Is my site hacked?”, then you need a system administrator who can diagnose and repair website intrusions.   Most web developers are not trained to repair hacked websites.

A hacked website may display graffiti or political messages.  If you see this you can be certain that you have a hacked web site.  You may have a hacked website even if there is no visible evidence but your page rank drops for no apparent reason.

Hackers do it for personal gain or to promote a message.  Every hacked web site is a unique case.  Our mission is to find out how the websites hacked, then repair the website and block the access points.

We have the training, experience and tools to successfully restore the vast majority of websites hacked on the Internet today.  If your site is hacked we will get to the bottom of it and we’ll do it quickly.

Please call our hack repair hotline now to have your problem resolved quickly.  1-855-238-2454